Coming soon ~ Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure and Operations Management Summit

Nov 09, 2015

Our conference season continues with the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure and Operations Management Summit in London – 30 November and 1 December. The summit offers business leaders, infrastructure and operations people a brilliant opportunity to meet Gartner analysts, hear the latest industry research, take part in workshops, network and compare notes with peers – all under one roof.

The strap-line for the event is “The Enterprise-Defined Data Center: Focusing on Business Outcomes.” For us this pretty much translates in to ‘making business sense of the data center’ – one of the main reasons for our existence!

Fueled by data taken from any source, leveraging your existing technology investments we offer highly scalable, agile and responsive solutions that present actionable insights into business service health – in a single, cohesive tool-set.

Taking our capabilities around Business Service Management, Business Value Dashboards, Configuration Management, Change, SLA Management, Dependency Mapping, Service Modeling and Manager-of-Managers here’s a sense of how we align to the hot topics associated with the event:

Developing Cloud and Mobile Strategies:

Seamlessly integrate with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace and mobile infrastructure platforms. Obtain dynamic business impact insights, monitor and manage risk-of-change across domains consistently, coherently – in a top-down manner.

Aligning Costs Related to Business Value:

Assimilate data from multiple third-party agents and monitoring tools to visualize infrastructure to business dependencies. Correlate the impact of technical events to business outcomes – prevent downtime, perform root cause analysis, determine underlying issues impacting service performance. Reduce administrative overheads and increase levels of automation.

Impact of Internet of Things and Digital Business on I&O:

Integrate with a diverse range of connected devices – for example smart meter technology at a utilities customer, or an entire plane in the case of an airline!

Of digital business – review IT performance in context with variables such as increased marketing activity and the impact of increased online customer volumes. Or monitor the activities of the mobile workforce out in the field.

Consolidating IT Operations Tools and Technology:

Manager-of-Managers offers simplified, consolidated, cross-domain monitoring – bringing everything together in to a streamlined, common format.

Hybrid Data Center Strategies:

Layered on top of Cloud/non-Cloud environments gain a top-down, unified view of the health of IT services wherever they might reside. Establish shared visibility of service impacts, KPIs across service providers.

Best Practices for Virtualization:

Monitor virtualized environments, query properties; display linkages to attributes underpinning business services. Reconcile and normalize data based on policies that provide consistent and meaningful information. Rule-based policies align service performance conditions with appropriate automation procedures, ensuring that actions are correctly and effectively carried out.


No hype, zero pressure, come and meet us on Stand S11 and find out how we support HSBC, BA, VOCALINK and SSE drive business and IT alignment. We look forward to meeting you!

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