DevOps Meets Business Service Management

Feb 03, 2016

The goal of DevOps is to establish a unified culture where building, testing, and releasing software can happen quickly, frequently and more reliably. It has become the accelerant for doing high velocity business, particularly since the dawn of the mobile and app age. Ever demanding customers are used to getting anything and everything, everywhere – IMMEDIATELY. Meeting such demand requires closer collaboration than ever before between the traditionally uneasy bedfellows of development and operations.

The arrival of DevOps has generated much debate and hubbub. Some of it expressed in quite alarming language. Some articles suggest that there are factions out there who view it as the Grim Reaper of ITIL – involving as it does less stringent processes. Elsewhere there are references to a “Battle Royale” taking place across the fronts of ITSM vs. DevOps / Agility vs. Control. Those ever-reliable commentators at forecast mass adoption this year, that  “Companies will stop talking and start implementing”

Let’s remind ourselves that whatever their name or aim all practices exist to help the business do, win, and keep business, as well as capitalise on new market opportunities before the competition. In our work with clients we’ve embraced DevOps and see it simply as feeding seamlessly in to the overarching endevour of marrying IT with business need (Business Service Management in other words). After all the removal of interdepartmental boundaries and promoting better collaboration are common to both BSM and DevOps.

It is achievable to “dovetail” DevOps practice in to the enterprise without abandoning valuable processes, losing control and things becoming akin to the Wild West. Working with DevOps converts using tools like Chef, Jenkins and Puppet Labs we’ve built integrations that dynamically update dependency maps, service models, and configuration management systems. Displayed via Business Value Dashboards this data gives all teams involved essential insight in to the effectiveness of collaboration between Development and Operations, linking it to the wider IT Service Management environment. Essentially this provides the foundation for keeping pace with change and revealing areas requiring refinement in order to achieve better business outcomes.

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