Interlink Software People ~ Lorraine Macfarlin

Sep 09, 2016

Interlink Software People – continued. This time a moment in the limelight for Lorraine Macfarlin. A little about her background, her place in the company and what she’s up to currently.


Lorraine Mcfarlin of Interlink Software

Lorraine Mcfarlin in the natural environment


How long have you been part of the Interlink Software team and what did you do before?


I joined Interlink Software about 5 months ago. Most recently I worked on taxi booking software, reporting dashboards and business management software. I’ve been a software developer for 15 years developing websites and web based business, legal and financial software systems.


Describe your role and where you fit in


I work as a front end web developer. I develop applications and components for our business value dashboards.


What are you working on just now?


I’m working on a number of dashboard enhancements. I’m developing a reusable dashboard component for customers who over time need to change what their dashboards show and make it easier for users to switch between different views of their data. Users will be able to bring in data and alerts from any source and view, query and filter data-sets in a standard, virtual scrolling grid format.

I am also working on an Admin Dashboard which allows the client to manage users, roles and group access permissions.


What’s the best thing about working with Interlink Software?


The people and ethos of the company. Interlink Software put a lot of effort into creating a fun and supportive work environment. As a team we are always busy and there are a wide variety of projects and technical areas to get involved with.


What do you get up to outside of your work life?


You will find me in the gym most days, walking at the weekends making the most of the beautiful Cheshire Peaks. I also enjoy gardening, creative arts and vegetarian and vegan cooking.

Who inspires you and why?


I’m inspired by mindful, compassionate and passionate people with a sense of community.



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