IT in the Park 2016

Nov 04, 2016

IT in the Park

As we were promised IT in the Park involved a diverse mix of people from local government, finance, insurance, outsourcing. Presentations and the final panel discussion wrestled with the foremost industry conundrums of our times. DevOps – should it be re-framed and renamed ‘BizDevOps’ if it’s not to become a new silo – detached from business need? And how will it translate into a facilitator of real business change and not just another tick in the certification box? What’s the future of people in a world increasingly driven by automation? Is it a barrier between people, customers and the business? What’s the place of frameworks like ITIL in this brave new world?

Delegates and speakers alike seemed to be agreement that focusing on managing IT, people and processes as a coherent, business aligned whole is what it’s all about. Cue Allen Ensby, Enterprise Management team leader from VocaLink who shared his formula for bringing IT and the business closer together. VocaLink are the people behind BACS and Faster Payments in case you weren’t aware. First off – “you can’t manage what you can’t see” is the mantra that drives Allen’s team. Service Visualisation dashboards allow them to extract and disseminate IT and business data from disparate sources across the organisation and beyond. Bringing this data in to a unified view means they can see the health of their critical infrastructure, accurately predict when things might break and take action accordingly.

Along the way they’ve automated many time consuming IT Operations processes, done away with the need to follow manuals and check-lists to get things done (which in their case involves ensuring that trillions of payment transactions per annum are processed without disruption.)

We look forward to more of the same next year.

Didn’t make it? – IT in the Park as it happened HERE

IT in the Park

IT in the Park



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