IT Operations – Procedures Brought to Life

Mar 03, 2016

It’s alive, it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE! No, nothing to do with Frankenstein’s monster – this is all about breathing life in to IT Operations procedures. We’ve developed an interactive dashboard that addresses many of the niggling efficiency issues that might hamper the speedy resolution of faults that occasionally crop up with your critical business services.

Dealing with faults and problems as they emerge, or executing on-going maintenance tasks can be a clunky, time consuming and stop / start process. It will most likely involve referring to documents and manuals, dipping in and out of different tool-sets along the way (patch management, monitoring, and service desk systems etc). This is a solution where documentation is translated in to something that’s living and breathing (so to speak). It’s underpinned by a dynamic, actionable workflow that safely guides even the novice IT person through the complexities of the IT operations procedures they are required to follow.

Rules based IT operations procedures, workflow visualization and automation ~ a single-pane-of-glass INTERACTIVE display giving live access to the tools and knowledge required to resolve issues – all in one place:

IT operations procedures workflow, visualization and automation by Interlink Software

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  • Manage and visualize fault resolution and IT operations procedures across multiple touch points, broken down in to timed tasks
  • Launch automation scripts by clicking on workflow elements
  • Automate your best practices and ensure a structured method for handling incidents and problems
  • Automate the execution of repeated activities for greater efficiency and time saving
  • Raise incidents, trigger events to escalate to other departments
  • Drill down in to underlying service models and dependency maps
  • A consistent set of practices to fix issues, lessening the risk of human error
  • Improve the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) a failed service

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