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Jun 16, 2016

SCOM System Center Operations Manager ™ | Microsoft Corporation ®

A few words about Microsoft SCOM – insight in to some of the opportunities to get more out one of the popular tools that we integrate with.

In major Windows environments SCOM is used as a data center management system for operating systems and hypervisors. Using a single interface, it’s designed to depict the state, health and performance of computer systems.

How do you handle the NOISE?

SCOM is good for monitoring all things Windows, but do you really need zillions of alerts about everything that’s going on in your environment? Large organisations tend to end up with multiple SCOM instances too – adding to the racket. More places to keep tabs on too.

SCOM event filtering and correlation brings support people and the business visibility of what’s actually important and potentially putting services at risk. Intelligence applied to raw data translates what might be a blizzard of alerts in to ‘Service Knowledge’ – turning it in to data that’s meaningful and actionable. Blended with infrastructure dependency information this makes for a more complete picture of service health.

Fill the gaps rather than replace

Integrating with SCOM means you can re-use, leverage and sustain your existing investment – putting people’s knowledge and the technology itself to better use. Along the way pop-up knowledge articles about how to fix issues accelerate mean-time to restore service – further improving efficiency.

Beyond pure Windows monitoring SCOM 2007 and 2012 doesn’t monitor Linux and Oracle Solaris to the level a lot of customers would like. Our own iiAgent monitoring and integration joins the dots, as well as covering all flavours of SCOM. We also cater for monitoring even more difficult platforms that SCOM doesn’t deal with natively like telephony, cash machine networks, point of sale, HP Nonstop to name a few.

We aim to fill in the gaps, provide a central view of all the tools you’ve picked for particular needs.

Taking it further

By aggregating data from other monitoring tools, applying a common alert format, normalising, de-duplicating, and performing correlation – hey presto you have a single-pane-of-glass view of service and application health across the business.

Join enterprise heavyweights like Centrica, HSBC, British Airways, and The Met Office – CONTACT US about getting more meaningful data from the tools you’re already using.

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