Remote Monitoring Service

Interlink Software offer a remote monitoring service to our customers that provides an attractive opportunity to reduce day-to-day operations costs without compromising on service quality to end users in the business.

While many organisations keep expert systems administrators on the payroll, fewer have the available time, expertise, and resources to visualise and monitor the variety of applications that are to be monitored in the ever changing, real-world IT infrastructures. Interlink Software help solve this issue via remote monitoring services that provide access to dedicated administrative personnel at Interlink Software that can work to monitor and manage the Interlink Software deployment in your environment. The Interlink Software administrators function as an extension of your own systems administration team and can perform tasks ranging from installing and maintaining Interlink Software products to monitoring, troubleshooting and proactively managing the customers Interlink Software deployment. For more details please contact your Interlink Software sales representative or email us.

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