Service Management at Sheffield Hallam University

Jun 14, 2012

University deploys Service Management solutions

  • The Information Technology Services team at Sheffield Hallam University has deployed the Business Enterprise Server (BES) and Service Configuration Manager (SCM) products to assist them as a department with the implementation of various service management initiatives.

Sheffield Hallam University deploys Business Enterprise Server (BES)

  • The CMDB implemented by SCM contains information about all the components making up an Information System and how they are interlinked. It helps the team and Sheffield Hallam University understand and analyse these relationships to help them improve service support and delivery.

Mark Lee, Head of IT Services commented:

  • “We are already working with and sharing Service Management good practice with a number of colleagues in Aces (a department within the university) who teach Service management and related subjects and we were keen to make it possible for them to give students exposure to leading edge products such as this in their courses. Interlink have a refreshingly positive approach to this, recognising the potential benefits to themselves, and have enabled us to make the product available for teaching purposes for no extra cost on what was already an exceptionally good deal to the University. What the team at Sheffield Hallam found unique about the combination of BES and SCM was that rather than just linking up all the existing bits of software for monitoring, SCM is based more on a central hub, with links to the pieces of software being used. It gave them, for the first time, a joined up, end-to-end view of service and allowed them to see the full extent of faults, and to associate them with the service delivered to the end user. It helped them align IT to the University’s business, as they are able to monitor all of the live services, eg Purchasing, ensuring there are no single points of failure, and alerting them to areas of weakness.”

Sheffield Hallam University are the first educational institution to pioneer the BES and SCM products.

  • “We’re thrilled to be working in partnership with Sheffield Hallam with this our first sale into the Higher education IT market. We’ve seen first hand that the business drivers motivating the IT Services team at Sheffield Hallam University are the same as those of our existing clients with a focus on maximising the availability of business services and alignment of IT and the business.” Said Grant Glading, VP of Sales & Marketing at Interlink Software.

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