Tackling Infrastructure Blind Spots ~ Service Visualisation and Kedron UK

Feb 14, 2017


Kedron UK is a leading Network and Application Performance Management Consultancy. Their aim is to defend their customers from harmful IT outages by giving them complete visibility and control of network and application infrastructure.

None of this would be possible without the support of a trusted network of partners. Picking out partners who have the right technology, knowledge, and expertise to tackle the challenges their customers bring to them is very important. Kedron carefully test and select only the key technologies and leaders in their field to work with.

Kedron’s Business Development Director, Justin Pounds talks about what led them to partnering with us.

Tell us a little about Kedron UK

“Kedron has been working with clients in the UK enterprise, government and education sectors since 2003. We help our customers gather and make sense of IT Ops data. We enable clients to understand the end-to-end fault, performance and configuration status of their entire IT environment and in the context of service.

We give IT teams the tools to keep key applications and services within Service Level Agreements, plan for infrastructure changes effectively, quickly establish incident root-cause. The objective is to prevent any adverse impact on business performance and end-user experience.”

Describe infrastructure blind spots and who should be concerned about them?

“Unless large enterprises are monitoring and measuring every critical infrastructure component underpinning a service – both the physical and logical – there’s a risk of overlooking a service affecting failure. And if a service affecting failure does occur IT Operations might not be able to identify the root cause quickly enough.

In order to monitor service availability, health and performance properly you need to monitor everything effectively. Blind spots can be fatal for service.”

What have you done to address infrastructure blind spots?

“It’s all about the breadth of IT monitoring technologies and data sources we have access to, making sure that we enable our clients to monitor everything they need to in order to deliver great service.”

Where does Interlink Software fit in to your portfolio?

“Interlink Software is pivotal. Because although we work with multiple data sources and tools we needed a higher-level visualisation layer; a common format to correlate, present and visualise this information in. And that’s you guys at Interlink Software.”

How’s this new capability going down with customers and the market in general?

“This [Service Visualisation] is the primary focus of our sales messaging now, and it’s being received really well. Our total number of sales opportunities is higher than ever before. This messaging is generating a real interest in the market.”

Whether you’re a managed service provider, a systems integrator, re-seller or a consulting firm talk to us today about how our combined technologies, expertise and know-how could help your customers make the move to business aligned IT.



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