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Incident Communications – Get Ready for Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019!

As the year draws to a close, for many of us this is a time to slow down, kick back and look forward to holiday time. For others, the work certainly isn’t done yet. The “S” word comes down to bear. Like it or…

Cloud Performance Monitoring Solutions

Organisations are rapidly moving away from legacy systems. The race to the cloud continues. Our customers often come to us with the question of how they can continue to watch over and ensure that cloud-based systems are performing optimally. The concern here is that…

Sourcing & Processing Data for 360-Degree Visualisation of Service Health

For us, aligning IT with the business has always been data-driven. It’s the power to deliver insight and understand the business impact of any potential service interruption. We’ve been working to extend our reach and take in data from integrations with a wider range…



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