The Art of Service Visualisation Dashboard Component Design

Nov 08, 2018

Service Visualisation Dashboards

David Edward CareyDavid Carey, Digital Marketing Manager and designer provides some insights into an important part of the process of deploying service visualisation dashboards – the creation of clear, engaging and effective visual components.

Building a real-time interactive dashboard for a customer usually starts with a one-to-one briefing session with the client – together with their allotted Interlink implementation consultant.

Together we’ll get to grips with what end-users need to see, work out how best to present data to their differing internal audiences, be they front-line IT operations staff, through to senior management and beyond.

This is followed by the truly creative bit – the development of dashboard sketches to illustrate multi-device views, the building of wireframes detailing layouts of key components e.g. time-series, comparison charts, status gauges, performance benchmarks, storyboards that communicate key interactions, processes and what informative/analytical insights users need to see in their data.

Clients usually require that the dashboard designs, associated assets (images, icons and fonts employed) reflect and comply with their corporate branding.

At the same time, industry standard communication best practices need to be adhered to e.g. utilising RAG – red, amber, green indicator colour systems to communicate service status, employing universally accepted sans-serif fonts, like Open Sans to clearly communicate important information. We’re also mindful that everything works and looks good on whatever device it’s being viewed on – iPads, mobile devices, video walls, desktops the lot.

Online asset libraries are created by default for each customer. Any user involved in the delivery and development of dashboards can easily access these libraries and pull-down icons, typeface guides, colour palettes etc. for re-use in new dashboards as they need them.

The libraries also come in handy to support communications/organisational change programmes that might be running alongside the service visualisation project – print formats such as CYMK full-colour based graphics are available for inclusion in supporting documents and display graphics.

David has over 25 years of marketing and design experience in the IT Industry, with the last 13 years in digital marketing, predominantly in the data visualisation/mapping marketplace. Prior to working for Interlink Software, David worked for companies such as Esri UK subsidiary Geowise, Axios Systems and EuroPC.



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