Service Configuration Management (SCM) whitepaper

Jun 14, 2012

New Whitepaper on Service Configuration Management

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In this whitepaper we cover the Interlink Software Approach to Configuration Management. You will learn how to provision a a corporate-wide Configuration Management System (CMS) in a fortune 1000 organisation. We explain how deploying a CMS is not a trivial task; while most organisations have grown through merger and acquisition they tend to accumulate configuration data in a multitude of tools and systems. It is not uncommon to find data spread among multiple systems including Help Desk IT service management products, software audit systems, databases, spread sheets and directory services.

Interlink Software has an answer to this problem, rather than require the wholesale transfer of the data itself and the existing maintenance process for the data away from these existing sources, our solution enables the federation and/or import of this data into our CMS.

By automatically detecting updates to the data from the originating sources and populating a central CMS we can implement a low to no maintenance system. This approach exploits the benefits of a central, corporate-wide CMS without the pain (and expense) of a massive “big bang” migration.
Download the whitepaper to learn more…and remember:

“Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine!”

Robert C. Gallagher





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