IT Operations Management

Interlink Software is well placed to deliver your company’s IT Operations Management platform with more than 15 years experience in this market and numerous large scale blue chip references around the globe. Capable of managing millions of events and metrics in the largest corporations around the globe.

Proven to Scale


Our solution leverages any combination of agent based, agent-less or integration with mid-level manager platforms as required. Business Enterprise Server (BES) can even synchronise real-time events with incidents in your incident management system. Your support staff can manage the technology underpinning your organisations services “end-to-end”.

Triage Faults Quickly

Your IT support staff are provided the tools to perform fault triage more efficiently via the BES operational focal point with the ability to drill down to the underlying root cause of faults and context sensitively access associated resolution tools and information. IT Operations management deployments have been demonstrated to promote organisation-wide teamwork in resolution of issues.

Move away from managing separate technology silos within the enterprise to a single-pane-of-glass-view of all your organisations technology events; filtered, de-duplicated, reformatted and prioritised based on technical impact.
Swiftly determine root cause; reduce downtime and improve mean time to repair (MTTR). Direct support staff to resolve faults based on their criticality.

Automatically identify which group, or individual is responsible for resolving any given fault.

Improved operational efficiency due to the fact that support staff are provided a single “enterprise console” for managing IT events. Context sensitively drill-down to consoles, 3rd party diagnostic tools, and documentation.

Event Management Capabilities

Full event management capabilities; we have replaced the previously industry leading Tivoli Enterprise Console (T/EC), BMC Software MAX/Enterprise and BMC Software PATROL Enterprise Manager (PEM) products at numerous sites around the globe. The following capabilities are provided via a no-coding graphical user interface. Business Enterprise Server (BES) delivers the following Event management capabilities:

  • Support for a Common Alert Format (CAF) – BES parses a variety of event formats and metrics into a clear, consistent set of alert fields. This capability is provided by a supporting graphical tool offering a single point of maintenance and administration for the CAF.
  • A graphical rule builder eliminates the requirement to configure the system via text files, and/or develop message-processing logic in programming languages such as JavaScript, BAROC, etc.
  • A role based HTML 5 compliant Web Dashboard flexible enough to support all types of users from read-only to full command-and-control as well as the Network Operation Centre (NOC) or Data Centre video wall.
  • A true web based user interface just requiring a modern web browser supporting HTML 5 rather than a JVM, .NET framework, download of a full Java application, or the requirement to install a full Windows application.
  • Alert management capabilities to enable the synchronisation of real-time alerts with incident management systems. Available functions include: assign, close, supervisor assign, and add comment.
  • Support for the triggering of local programs on the user’s PC, or remote programs at the BES or connected systems with the option to pass alert fields from a highlighted (selected) alert as parameters to the program being called.




Bi-directional event management integrations provide sophisticated synchronisation of events and actions between BES and 3rd Party enterprise applications such as Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM), IBM Tivoli Enterprise Portal, CA Unicenter NSM and BMC Performance Manager.

Save money and displace previous generation 3rd party event managers

Business Enterprise Server (BES) delivers a highly scalable, dynamic IT Operations Managment console designed for the 21st century data centre with high performance event management and service-aware automation capabilities. Superior ease of use over last generation enterprise consoles and seamless Business Service Management (BSM) capabilities make BES the first choice for customers looking to “sunset” their BMC Software PATROL Enterprise Manager (P EM) or IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console (T/EC) deployments.

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