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Interlink Software offer a range of highly scalable and dynamic IT Management Solutions such as: Manager of Managers (MOM) aka Single Pane of Glass view, Service Visualisation, Service Level ManagementBusiness Value Dashboards (BVD) and Configuration Management. We are the provider of choice for some of the largest organisations around the globe. With a strong customer focus we build our software using a customer driven development methodology.

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  • Enterprise Systems Management provider of choice for some of the largest organisations around the globe

  • Interlink Software is laser focused on IT Management Solutions

  • Interlink Software customers - the best (support) they have received from any vendor

  • The best of breed strategy of Interlink Software allows customers to avoid 'vendor lock in'

  • Strong IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) orientated architecture

  • Numerous large scale references: HSBC, Centrica, Severn Trent Water, Sheffield Hallam University, VocaLink, British Airways

  • Founder and visionary leading company and heavily involved with customers. Self funded, profitable, organically grown company since 1996



Our best of breed strategy allows customers to avoid ‘vendor lock in’. By leveraging your incumbent IT Management Solutions you can cut your development costs. We’ve built integrations to all of the most popular systems and applications. Our approach, where practical, is to integrate with anything with an ‘electronic pulse’.

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  • The Met Office selected Interlink Software products to deliver IT event correlation and analysis (ECA), to enable IT Operations staff to proactively detect, isolate, and respond to IT infrastructure issues before they impact customers. The deployment enables IT Operations to effectively manage the high volume of events received from IT infrastructure monitoring by eliminating duplicate events, filtering events according to operational and business priorities, automating remedial actions, and analysing events to determine root cause.
  • Interlink Software products have aided British Airways in the delivery of an accurate representation of service health connecting technology performance to its relative impact on business functionality. In highly shared environments, technology performance can have different impacts across a portfolio of services.
  • Centrica selected Interlink Software's event management, BSM and CMDB solution to further streamline IT infrastructure, applications and systems with core business processes.
  • CGD use the Interlink Software products to help ensure the availability of their ATM network and other key banking services.
  • Severn Trent Water serves over 8 million customers across the heart of the UK, stretching from the Bristol Channel to the Humber, and from mid-Wales to the East Midlands. Severn Trent Water selected the Interlink Software event management and IT dashboards to help manage their critical IT infrastructure.
  • VocaLink rely on Interlink Software to help ensure the availability of systems, networks and applications supporting the world's busiest ATM network and the UK Faster Payments service. Working with Interlink Software, we felt like we were partners, that was a major difference.


  • Great products, great support

    It is great using the Interlink products as they have great support, also enhancements get implemented really quickly. They are really listening to requests of customers. Which makes a big difference compared to other companies where you have sometimes the feeling they are not caring what the customer needs as soon as the contract is signed.
  • Great achievement for Change Management process

    We together with Interlink were able to config and utilize the BSM solution to connect our change management solution to the service availability dashboards. This allows us to track our incoming and handled changes in terms of service impact by showing the risk and impact avg. ratio per service. Additonal to that we can show the process compliance and quality per service giving as a hint what services are most likely hit by a not so well defined and performed change.
    Peter Zumbrink, Haltern am See, DE
  • Excellent teamwork

    Cheers to Colin & team for their excellent support to complete the Integration change successfully.
    Gurudeepthi, Bangalore India
  • Interlink fix saved valuable time

    We had a problem with the data in our data modelling tool which stopped us propagating changes to live system. Interlink put more debugging into the output from RunAutoGen tool that enables us to quickly pinpoint any data problems and resolve them efficiently.
    Ali Uluoglu
  • Great level of service

    Very satisfied with the level of service provided. The agent was able to get back to me within the hour with a satisfactory resolution. Thanks to everyone involved at Interlink.
    Luke Dyer, UK
  • Excellent company to deal with

    Interlink are an excellent company to do business with. Very efficient at dealing with customer problems and issues. Support is much better than from much larger companies.
    Bryn, London UK
  • Good as always

    Interlink always believe in managing their relationship with customers well.
    Rob, UK






Interlink People ~ Matt Sweeney
8 January 2016
In the latest in our series looking at the team here at Interlink this time we talk to Technical Analyst Matt Sweeney.


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