Auto Discovery

The Interlink Software configuration discovery and audit solution.

1. Discovery

There are several available discovery methods, including:

  • Interlink Agentless (network scan, ping, etc)
  • Interlink iiAgent (device status, configuration)
  • Interlink SNMP GET queries
  • Any trusted data sources, either created automatically via existing auto-discovery methods, or manually via human processes

2. Reconciliation

Once the auto-discovery methods have produced the raw data sources, Interlink SCM will automatically check for changes to the data sources and then begin the process of data source reconciliation and validation.

  • Key field values from the preferred data sources will be used to create a set of records for all the discovered devices at the first level – this will form the import data set for the device CI’s (Configuration Items) into the CMDB/CMS.
    • Using precedence rules data will be merged from the other data sources to identify the unique components of the discovered devices, such as NIC’s, databases, services, etc. This will form further import data sets for these components into the CMDB/CMS.

Example merged data source containing first level data and associated sub-data:


3. Relationships

  • Dynamic relationship rules will associate the first level CI’s with the underlying component CI’s, to automatically build a model of relationships of the entire infrastructure. This model can then be used simply to visualise and report on the infrastructure, or be used (with associated service CI’s) as part of a service-centric monitoring process (rather than technical-centric).

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