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Interlink Software is a software development company with a strong customer focus. We build our software using a customer driven development methodology. With Interlink Software you can look forward to great products, outstanding service and the best possible support.

Interlink Software was founded in 1996 and is an independent, privately-owned software company with well-established experience in dealing with advanced service management requirements for IT. Over the years Interlink Software has grown to become a technology leader and innovator, while maintaining a prestigious customer base. Interlink Software customers consistently substantiate the company’s attentiveness and attention to shared innovation—e.g. “Interlink Software really concentrates on the customer side of things… their support is second to none.”

Today, Interlink Software deliver the IT operations analytics dashboard platform of choice for some of the largest IT organisations in the world and is uniquely positioned to help meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving IT environment that must contend with the dynamic, highly automated nature of DevOps, virtualisation and cloud computing.

  • Acknowledged thought leader in the systems management field.

  • Demonstrated track record with numerous large scale deployments.

  • Many of the largest companies in the world choose us.

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