Configuration Management

Need a business service aligned and award winning configuration management solution that comes with industry leading service modelling and data integration capabilities?

CM Overview
Why SCM?
Our Approach
CM Overview

Service Configuration Management (SCM)

Our solution integrates seamlessly into your existing ITSM environment and provides you with a best of breed tool for meeting today’s IT configuration management challenges. We offer an award-winning, enterprise grade, pure play solution for serious configuration management specialists.

The Configuration Challenge

Understanding how technical IT problems are impacting your business is a real challenge. Do you need to ensure that you control and track all of the change in your IT environment?

Configuration Management helps companies do this properly and Interlink Software has developed an award-winning solution.

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Does your organisation face any of the following challenges?

  • Inability to reduce the impact of faulty changes
  • Inability to track software licenses & hardware
  • Inability to respond to audits
  • Lack of IT & business visibility into service quality
  • No automated way to maintain relationships

Would you like to achieve the following results?

  • Save time with Super fast automated discovery
  • Avoid outages associated with bad or conflicting changes
  • Increase Productivity – Eliminate manual data collection
  • Reduced OpEx
  • Better alignment between business and IT
  • Improved visibility into the IT environment
  • Proactive impact analysis for changes
  • Better adherence to compliance initiatives
  • Help with Data Centre transformation projects
  • Data Centre move, consolidation or virtualisation
  • Low cost of ownership

Gain an Insight

gain-a-view copy
Gaining a view of all the logical and physical components that compose a business service.

SCM Videos

Learn more about the benefits your organisation can achieve using SCM.

Risk of Change

Configuration Management Risk of Change
The Risk of Change facilities of SCM can be set-up for use with popular change management systems including those from BMC Remedy and ServiceNow.

Case Studies


“HSBC has demonstrated business benefit using Interlink Software SCM to deliver a Configuration Management System (CMS) integrating a diverse range of data sources from around the organisation.”

Sheffield Hallam University

“Sheffield Hallam University maintains configuration relationships for tens of thousands of devices across multiple campus sites using SCM.”


Making Auto Discovery Work

A white paper that explores a new approach to automated discovery and dependency mapping.

White Papers

10 Questions of Service Discovery

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How to Make Auto Discovery Work

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Why SCM?

Why Service Configuration Manager?

Why Service Configuration Manager (SCM) is the CMS platform of choice for some of the largest organisations in the world. SCM enables them to:

  • Identify the impact of IT changes on their business services BEFORE the changes are made
  • Identify and reschedule conflicting changes
  • Deliver a forward schedule of change by business service or technology
  • Identify unauthorised changes to their IT infrastructures
  • Automate the management of the life-cycle of IT assets
  • Visualise IT infrastructure-to-business dependencies for their organisation
  • Centralise operational documentation with context sensitive launching
  • Achieve compliance via an automated audit trail of IT infrastructure changes
  • Perform configuration comparisons across C’s, Data Centres and Business Service
  • Track infrastructure and business services via an automated service catalogue

Our Approach

Pragmatic Deployment Model: Top Down, Service-at-a-Time

There is a need to maintain up-to-date service dependency mapping which links logical and physical elements to the business functions and overall business services that they support. SCM offers a flexible top-down, service-at-a-time deployment methodology. In contrast to the boil-the-ocean approach, that often requires the entire IT estate to be defined in a monolithic Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

“Our most successful deployments follow a top-down, rapid definition of business service dependency maps with break point analysis identifying the IT required to deliver each business function combined with a highly automated, iterative approach to continuous improvement and tuning of these service models – a data-driven approach”

Lloyd Hopkins, Founder Interlink Software Services Ltd


IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

In the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v3, a Configuration Management System (CMS) is used to describe the core function delivered by SCM. SCM enables the integration of one or more data sources (configuration, systems management, service catalogue, SLA, asset etc) for mapping of business services. In SCM, dependency maps provide an over-arching view of business services and organisations. SCM unlocks value by assessing the risk of change and enabling business service management (BSM) initiatives. SCM can also provide as automated CI life-cycle, audit tracking and a host of other benefits from within the organisation.

“With regards to audit and compliance, the Interlink Software solution maps to your organisation’s dynamic network operations or data centre discovering configuration changes automatically and cross-references them with your change policy highlighting compliance and security issues”.

Colin Griffiths, Founder, Interlink Software Services Ltd

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