We can help your organisation save money with cost effective solutions for Monitoring (agent and agent-less) covering Systems, Applications, Databases, Middleware, Network, Virtualisation, Power Consumption, Security and Cloud. We understand how tough the business climate is today and agree that the last thing your business needs is unplanned downtime and service outages. We’ve built up years of monitoring experience in some of the largest organisations around the world that has been encapsulated in the iiAgent software offering.

Why choose us

These are qualities that make Interlink Software the first choice for organisations looking to save money and sunset their incumbent vendor monitoring solutions. Over the past decade and a half we have worked with hundreds of organisations converting away from a wide range of 3rd party monitoring tools to Interlink Software unlocking a low-cost highly functional alternative.


Monitor and automate across multiple operating systems and applications, databases and middleware
Respond to events before they adversely affect response times, availability and the business bottom line

Immediate results with out-of-the-box monitoring

Our monitoring agent supports a number of different platforms and monitors a variety of different metrics out-of-the-box including, but not limited to :


  • CPU load/utilisation
  • Disk activity (read/write count or KB)
  • Ethernet speed and state, TX/RX errors
  • File system space
  • Connection information, # active connections
  • Process information, Uptime, System date/time
  • OS information, Swap file metrics

OS Support

  • A variety of Unix operating systems
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux
  • z/Linux

Easily extensible

In addition the agent is extensible and allows the end user to add their own monitoring functionality simply by dropping a shell script or windows .bat/.vbs file into a specific folder (so long as the script outputs its data in a predetermined format). These extensions to monitoring functionality are implemented with zero downtime. The agent also has the facility to pass parameters to scripts so that monitoring timeframe and thresholds can be modified quickly and easily.

Lightweight agent


Our light weight monitoring agent can monitor log files / Windows event logs, issue commands and parse responses as well as integrate with other 3rd party agents and forward the resultant events into our server acting as a focal point. Agent events and metrics can be filtered at the source using regular expressions and threshold rules.

Agent-less monitoring

Business Enterprise Server (BES) provides an “agent-less” monitoring capability for any systems that can be reached via TCP/IP. Available monitoring capabilities include database and application software checks on these machines, as well as base operating system monitoring. Secure Shell (SSH), Email, TCP socket, or TCP socket with SSL encryption can be used for communication between the Business Enterprise Server (BES) focal point and the monitored system. The only significant benefit we have identified for agent-less monitoring over agent based monitoring is that of reduced cost. The issues to be aware of when deploying agent-less monitoring are – sceptical:

  • Monitoring is centralised – if the network or central server are unreachable, monitoring capabilities can be disrupted.
  • Event data and metrics are often required to drive business service dependency models and service/SLA reports, a loss of data can lead to inaccurate service views / reports.

Agent-less monitoring can be achieved by using the following communications tools and techniques; TCP/IP applications and utilities (including telnet, SSH, FTP, TCP sockets, UDP, SNMP v1, v2, v3, HTTP actions), Email, XML, Web Services, Database and file interfaces and via 3rd party APIs. In addition numerous pre-packaged integrations are available for many of the most popular network, systems and applications monitoring platforms.

Virtualisation and cloud monitoring

Manage the physical to logical dependencies in your virtual environments, as well as public cloud and on-demand offerings such as ServiceNow,, Google Apps for Business, The Amazon Web Services, EC2 and The Rackspace Cloud. As well as monitoring from within the cloud, we monitor your cloud deployment from the outside-in, don’t take your providers word for it, and get your own view and report of your applications health.

Why not try the iiAgent today?

Avoid Downtime with our Multi-Platform Autonomous Monitoring Agent. Reduce risks to your business and gain peace of mind with the iiAgent. There has never been a better time to review your systems monitoring strategy as we are offering agent based monitoring from as little as £50 plus VAT per year, per monitored system. Reduce risks to your business and gain peace of mind with the iiAgent.

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