Automated Service Intelligence (ASI) 2 – shipping in 2018

Dec 07, 2017

We’re excited to announce that 2018 will see the release of ASI 2.


ASI 2 brings together and analyses information from many different sources, delivering real-time, predictive IT operations analytics to users interested in the correlation between IT and business outcomes.


Built for digital success, using the latest microservices focused design patterns we’ve made a host of functional and performance improvements to help you act faster to protect your business from service-affecting incidents.


High Availability:

Support for clustering of ASI nodes

Data-Driven Service Views:

ServiceLens, ServiceTree, ServiceSummary and ServiceMap views – see how your services are performing in a single pane of glass, in a way that’s meaningful to you.

Service Outage Rooms:

Work together, chat and collaborate to solve service affecting issues. Builds an easily referenceable audit trail of associated alerts, chat messages, workflows and resolutions to aid continuous service improvement.

Service Engine:

Blackout and maintenance scheduling. Supporting linear regression; early warnings, enabling support staff, or automation to act before service is impacted.

Cloud Ready:

Docker-based deployment, ready for any cloud environment e.g. Linux-as-a-Service on AWS EC2

Enhanced, team-based user access control:

For easier allocation of permissions and duties across teams.

Advanced Query Builder:

For more efficient retrieval of operational data and analytics.

Rapid Search:

Improved indexing and grouping of issues, scenarios and data – find whatever you’re looking for faster.

Active Information Display (AID):

Smooth, infinite scrolling – pre-fetching data from a subsequent page, adding it directly to a user’s current page.


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