Business Value Dashboards

Manage the most complex IT environments from a single focal point.


“Business Value Dashboards (BVD) uses a subjective and metrics-driven approach to demonstrate the direct impact of I&O (Infrastructure and Operations) as it relates to business performance and objectives.”

APMdigest | Colin Fletcher, Gartner Research Director, IT Operations Management

Why deploy Business Value Dashboards?

  • Intuitive graphics, charts and gauges communicate at a glance, visual insights in to the connection between IT and business outcomes – in real-time
  • Assimilate, reconcile, enrich and analyse data from multiple, disparate sources across the enterprise for a unified view of service health
  • Report on IT’s value contribution to inform decision making, organisational and strategy change
  • Drive collaboration between business and IT leaders and reveal new ways to drive business innovation, meet and exceed customer expectations
BVD infographic
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Powered by Universal Integration

Driven by your own data, integrate with anything, anywhere across the enterprise -hosted on premise or in the cloud. Make business sense of structured and unstructured data from IT Service Management, Configuration Management, monitoring, ERP tools.

Role-Based Customisation

Create your own dashboards tailored to serve up data in a format that is meaningful to different audiences across the enterprise, from C-Level, to IT operations, service delivery, service desk staff and business users.


Demonstrate the health of critical business services. Report on and share performance, efficiency and impact analytics. Filter, sort and drill-down to understand the IT to business context, analyse productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction, Reveal the progress of KPIs towards achievement of business targets and objectives.

Service Modelling

From the top-down link and visualise the physical and logical inter-dependencies that critical business services are composed of. Build a hierarchy of dependencies revealing the impacts of change, configuration on service performance and business outcomes.

Proactive, Bi-Directional Integration and Alerting

Our unique dovetail integration methodology enables you to leverage the tools you have already invested in and gain an aggregated view of service performance across the business. Deliver real-time alerting when Service Levels, targets and thresholds have been achieved or are about to breach.

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