Unified Customer Management Dashboards for MSPs

Interlink Software’s Unified Customer Management Dashboards offer Managed Service Providers (MSPs) a comprehensive toolset to address the most important needs of their clients, make business sense of the largest, most complex IT environments and manage multiple clients from a single focal point. The following sets out how we support MSPs’ progress beyond the traditional break/fix, technical model to a truly business service aligned culture.

Gain Top-Down Insight


Through the powerful combination of Manager-of-Managers, Agent and Agent-less Monitoring bring the complexities of a client’s IT environment in to focus – from a business service perspective. From the top-down quickly build an accurate picture of what your clients’ IT estate is comprised of. Collect data, create a repository of Configuration Items, and map out the inter-dependencies between the physical components that make up your clients’ critical applications.

Integrate With Anything, Anywhere

Seamless “dovetail” integration capability with 150 ready to deploy, bi-directional integrations – including service desk systems, network management and business applications. Connect to anything, across platforms – on-premise, virtual or Cloud based. Uniquely, our tools are layered on top of, rather than replacing the existing IT infrastructure and applications your customers have already invested in.

Real-Time and Predictive Analytics

Based on your clients’ data see a live, top-down representation of business service health for all of your customers – in a single dashboard. Drill-down to business or IT context for reporting and triage – presented in clear, easy to understand format. See actionable warnings of decreased performance putting the right information in to the hands of the right people at the right time – enabling corrective action to be taken to avoid undesirable outcomes and downtime.

Automated Dependency Mapping and Service Configuration Management

Monitor the digital pulse of the business; adapt to planned and unforeseen events, manage the release of new products and services. In rapidly changing environments (DevOps, Agile, Cloud for example) detect and avoid changes that might threaten business performance.


Enabling you to set up a standard management approach and add new customers as they come on-board. Fully customisable dashboards can accommodate the nuances of individual customer contracts and agreed ways of working.


Proven to scale to the largest, most complex of end-user environments, across industry sectors – including HSBC, British Airways, Centrica and Severn Trent Water.

Minimise Increased Headcount

Deployment of dashboards as a role-based focal point for all aspects of service delivery enables you to pinpoint precisely where to focus your existing staff for optimum effectiveness, reducing the need to hire additional staff as your customer base grows.

Accountability and Transparency

From your client’s CEO, to project stakeholders through to your own IT Operations staff – all are able to clearly see how you’re adding value, performing against Service Level Agreements and contractual obligations.

Enterprise Mobility

Manage and deliver on any device – in your central command centre, client sites, on call from home, or remote offices.

Together we can deliver even greater value to your clients; improve service quality, reduce costs and align your services to the business needs of your clients – fast. Contact us here to arrange an evaluation.

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