Incident Communications – Get Ready for Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019!

Dec 10, 2018

As the year draws to a close, for many of us this is a time to slow down, kick back and look forward to holiday time. For others, the work certainly isn’t done yet. The “S” word comes down to bear. Like it or not, this time of year – it’s all about the Shopping.

From sourcing socks to flying away to the sun, millions of people flock to the web to work through their shopping lists – ferociously buying gifts, groceries, clothes, flights … Online spending soars ever higher, year on year in the lead up to Christmas, and not least during the retail phenomenon that precedes it – Black Friday and its online retail sibling Cyber Monday.

The vast, sprawling networks of interconnected suppliers that make it happen across all points of the retail ecosystem (literally) trade off healthy, highly available systems. In delivering the goods this period underlines how totally IT-reliant businesses are these days.

Not forgetting the banking and payments organisations that ultimately enable all these millions of transactions – whilst providing customers with up to the minute updates on their bank/credit card spending at all hours of the day.

Consistently good customer experience, underpinned by effective IT is the difference between a successful seasonal period and enraged customers who won’t hesitate to take their business elsewhere if they can’t get what they want when they want it. A simple (annoyed) swipe of a finger is all it takes.

Incident Communications: IT Ops & the Business – Assemble!

Maybe I’m risking stating the obvious here – at this time systems, services and support teams come under major pressure to deliver – without fail. But with enormous increases in customer, traffic the potential for seasonal business meltdown is high.

And what if the worst does happen and a major incident does hit the fan? The first the business itself might know is that would-be customers are venting their frustrations on social media, rattling off reputation-damaging posts.

Understanding and visualising the business impact of an incident isn’t easy – especially when you’re under pressure.

Incident Communications replaces the traditional, somewhat haphazard methods of trying to find out the business impact of an outage – people firing off emails, making phone calls and paying deskside visits to experts in particular systems and applications.

The Incident Comms console leverages integrations with IT Service Management, monitoring and other IT management tool data sources – applies business context and logic to incident data (automatically.) The companion App instantly notifies users, prompting them to view incident details and get to work on a resolution – whilst keeping service owners/stakeholders informed of the status of the incident.

This seamless flow of service status focussed communications establishes a bridge between IT Ops and business stakeholders/service owners – neatly packaging and serving up service status information and actionable insights – facilitating the alignment of teams and swift resolution of service.

To discuss protecting your organisation from *seasonal meltdown with Incident Communications software – get in touch HERE

(*Incident Comms is not just for Christmas.)

Grant has 30 years’ experience in systems management gained at Bank of America, MAXM Systems, Boole & Babbage, BMC Software, and Interlink Software. Grant leads direct sales, channel partners and marketing efforts for Interlink Software, having successfully sold into and account managed numerous Global 500 customers.



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