Cognitive Operations: Make Prediction a Priority say Forrester Research

Jan 30, 2018

Forrester Cognitive Operations

Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) people will be very conscious that the growth of technology, the sprawl of tools in most enterprise IT environments has already outstripped the capability of humans alone to monitor and operate it effectively.

Computer-based analytics are helping I&O react to and resolve problems faster, but predicting and preventing issues is the ultimate goal. Here lies the core benefit of Cognitive Operations.

Forrester Research defines Cognitive Operations as:

“Software that applies advanced analytics and machine learning to analyze historical IT operations data and make predictions that expedite management, speed problem resolution, prevent developing problems, and attach business significance to problems resolved or prevented.”

Forrester’s Vendor Landscape: Cognitive Operations report is a cross-market report on 28 vendor solutions (including us, Interlink Software) with predictive analytics capabilities.

Vendors with a predictive offering can be found in numerous markets – IT Operations Analytics (ITOA), Application Performance Management (APM), and Algorithmic IT Operations (AIOps).

The report helps I&O people assesses the benefits and opportunities of Cognitive Ops – taking the leg-work out of identifying those vendors with the capability to support I&O in preventing problems before they hit the business, reducing effort, reacting faster, and unlocking business meaning underlying technical events.

The Big Takeaways

Machine learning paves the way for predictive IT Ops

IT operations management (ITOM) and APM tools are increasingly leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), such as machine learning, to automatically build predictive models, reducing manual effort, prevent problems, and react faster.

Take that data scientist recruitment ad down!

Advanced analytics and machine learning combined in the form of a Cognitive Ops solution doesn’t take a data scientist to operate it – simple as that!

The time is NOW – start plotting your “predictive journey”

The research demonstrates that the predictive capabilities claimed by vendors aren’t just hype. Furthermore, embracing Cognitive Ops might well pave the way to ‘NoOps’ – whereby I&O people can finally free themselves of labour intensive, manual and error-prone work – bringing them more time be creative, innovative and add value to the business.

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Research led by Forrester’s Eveline Oerhlich and Mike Gualtieri

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